Prayer List

1 Thesalonians 5:17
pray without ceasing,

Those with Family or Health Concerns

David Lundin & Family, Levi & Brian Brunmaier and Family, Rudy & Kay Sturzenbecher, Shelby Lillebo (Friend of the Rathert’s), LaDena & her unborn baby for growth (Friend of Lori Eisenbraun), Greg Heidelberger (Son of the Heidelbergers), Mary (Ruth Sperlich), Deb Severson (Tim & Peggy Severson), Earl McKinstry, Jackie (Friend of the Klein’s), Ardella Berg, Clara Ulmer, Connie Hedeen, Faith Hedeen, Alvin & Doris Senger, Kelly Hoops, and all with concerns.

Our Shut-ins:

Ardith Laudenschlager, Jerry Nelson, Dennis Small, Alvin Senger, Ed & Clara Ulmer, Laura Felkey, Candace Thorson, and Sue Felkey.

Our Ministries and Missionaries

The ministry of Evergreen Lutheran on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Rev. Joel Fritsche & family in the Dominican Republic, Rev. David Warner & family in Spain, Rev. Dan Jastram & family in Asia, and Divine Shepherd School.

All those serving in the Military

Lt Col. Robert Grass, Tyler Ringwald, Eric Tobin, Keaton Ohlsen (Jason & Wendy Iszler’s son), Nicholas Carver (Leota Quam’s grandson), Chris Brandt (Doug & Cheryl’s son), Joshua Schulz (Susan’s sons), Mike Reiprich, and Brad Halvorson (Nate Halvorson’s son).

Prayer Requests

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