Vocal Choir

Did you ever wonder why music is so important to the church?  Music naturally creates an environment for learning. Rhythm and rhyme helps us to learn and remember. Combine this and the Word of our Lord, and we have the perfect way to learn about God.  We remember the words to songs much easier than just the written word.

The choir at Divine Shepherd works hard to choose our music to enhance the service.  Lent and Easter music is some of the most moving and exciting music that we sing all year.  The songs contain such beautiful lyrics and help us focus on the reason we worship our Lord.  It is an honor to bring our special music to you during the upcoming church season.  

It is our hope that the songs bring you joy and peace in Christ. – Diann Dobbs, Director

Bell Choir

Bells are ringing at Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church! Connie Rathert has directed our faithful ringers since 2012 and presently eleven ringers and one very faithful substitute come to share their talents at our weekly practices! We practice from 5:30-6:30 every Monday night September – May, and love to praise the Lord with our music. 

We have played chimes for seven years and have just recently been blessed to borrow a set of bells. We look forward to ringing them for a worship service in the near future!  If you love music and would like to join us, please contact Connie!

Children's Music

Divine Shepherd Sunday School has a music group!  We practice each Sunday, focusing on teaching through music.  With each song, we discuss why the music is important, what the biblical meaning behind the song is, and what we can teach the congregation with our song. The kids like to be teachers of the congregation.  

It is always more fun when we have a larger group so please bring your kids to Sunday School as often as possible.  

While the students enjoy singing, their overwhelming favorite are the little bells.  We will continue to work on our songs and every time we have one ready, we will perform for you. – Diann Dobbs, Director

Worship Music

Worship Music is provided by a wonderful group of musicians: Lynn Seifert, Kathy Roling, Janice Heien and Joni Mercer