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Altar Guild Needs Volunteers!!!

Please contact Kellie Hanson at (605) 716-1871.

2019 VBS Team Needed


July 22nd thru July 26th!!!!
5:30pm to 8:15pm

All Volunteers Needed!!!!

Specific help needed in....



Bible Challenge 

Open and Closing

Pre K (B)

Grades 3rd thru 5th 

I would like to see 2 people in each area.

Contact Fawna Goff at church or by email here 


Need Volunteers or Sub Teachers

The ECC is looking for volunteers or Sub teachers for days when a staff member is unable to come in. Please Contact Diane Lavoie at 605-791-1131 if you would like to help us out.

Food Pantry Needs Volunteers

  We need volunteers to sign up for working at the pantry on our assigned dates.  The food pantry is open on Wednesdays from 9-12 and Saturdays from 9-12.  It is preferred that 2 people sign up together. The Food Pantry Schedule is posted on the bulletin board by the back door.  Thanks for your help!

College Visits by Pastor

We are needing donations of healthy snacks, gift cards, quarters for laundry, health care items or anything you think they might need. Non-perishable items can be placed in the designated box to be assembled on Jan. 27, 2019 between services.  College kids love baked goods so if you can help in that way, please do.

2019 Meal Team Schedule


    ***SPECIAL   THANKS *** 
Providing meals on Wednesday evenings means parents don't have to run home and cook
a meal and still be to church in time for Confirmation, Wednesday Kids, Youth and Adult
Bible Classes and Worship.  Thanks to all who volunteer to cook and serve these meals.

January 1/2 Hurdle   July 7/3 Reynolds
  1/9 Seifert     7/10 Wilburn
  1/16 McKinstry / Ristau     7/17 Sturzenbecher
  1/23 LeFebre     7/24 Seifert
  1/30 Severson     7/31 Hurdle
February 2/6 Burg   August 8/7 Rathert
  2/13 Reynolds     8/14 McKinstry / Ristau
  2/20 Wilburn     8/21 LeFebre
  2/27 Sturzenbecher     8/28 Severson
March 3/6 Seifert   September 9/4 Burg
  3/13 Hurdle     9/11 Reynolds
  3/20 LeFebre     9/18 Wilburn
  3/27 McKinstry / Ristau     9/25 Sturzenbecher
April 4/3 Rathert   October 10/2 Seifert
  4/10 Severson     10/9 Hurdle
  4/17 Burg     10/16 Rathert
  4/24 Reynolds     10/23 McKinstry / Ristau
May 5/1 Wilburn     10/30 LeFebre
  5/8 Sturzenbecher   November 11/6 Severson
  5/15 Seifert     11/13 Burg
  5/22 Hurdle     11/20 Reynolds
  5/29 Rathert     11/27 Wilburn
June 6/5 McKinstry / Ristau   December 12/4 Sturzenbecher
  6/12 LeFebre     12/11 Seifert
  6/19 Severson     12/18 Hurdle
  6/26 Burg        

2019 Wednesday Meal Teams

2019 Meal Teams

LeFebre / Geidel Severson Burg
Becky & Daren LaFebre Tim & Peggy Severson Kevin & Connie Burg
Ruth Sperlich Pastor Al & Sarah Sutton Dennis & Loretta Eisenbraun
Kim Geidel Sandi Davis Russ & Lori Eisenbraun
Ardela Berg Alan & Heidi Aker Jim & Kathy Roling
Megan Mitzel Joni Rohrbauch      
Darla Senger Maria Kitchens      
Reynolds Wilburn Sturzenbecher
Ruth Reynolds Lois Wilburn Pastor & Vonda Sturzenbecher
Leota & Gordon Quam Dawn & Scott Haskell JoEllen Rolph
Mary & Walt Ricker Bev Johnson Pete & Jenny Eliason
Kellie Hanson Mike & Dana Reiprich Larry & Lillian Halvorson
LaDel Jankord Marjorie Bittner Connie Hedeen
Seifert Hurdle  
Lynn Seifert Tom & LeAnne Hurdle  
Randy & Linda Kramer Becky Eisenbraun  
Mel & Bobbi Geidel Red & Loreeta Pepper  
Doug & Max Hill Wayne & Lori Marks  
Tom & Lou Schroeder Doug & Lori Cookston  
Rathert McKinstry / Ristau  
Connie Rathert Earl & Janell McKinstry  
Ron & Judy Uecker Steve & Dawn Ristau  
Susan West-Guthrie Jay & Ruth Mckinstry  
Becky Portlock Kathy Swan  
  Hank & Jane Lundin (supplies only)  
  David Lundin