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College Visits by Pastor

We are needing donations of healthy snacks, gift cards, quarters for laundry, health care items or anything you think they might need. Non-perishable items can be placed in the designated box to be assembled on Jan. 27, 2019 between services.  College kids love baked goods so if you can help in that way, please do.

2019 Meal Team Schedule


    ***SPECIAL   THANKS *** 
Providing meals on Wednesday evenings means parents don't have to run home and cook
a meal and still be to church in time for Confirmation, Wednesday Kids, Youth and Adult
Bible Classes and Worship.  Thanks to all who volunteer to cook and serve these meals.

January 1/2 Hurdle   July 7/3 Reynolds
  1/9 Seifert     7/10 Wilburn
  1/16 McKinstry / Ristau     7/17 Sturzenbecher
  1/23 LeFebre     7/24 Seifert
  1/30 Severson     7/31 Hurdle
February 2/6 Burg   August 8/7 Rathert
  2/13 Reynolds     8/14 McKinstry / Ristau
  2/20 Wilburn     8/21 LeFebre
  2/27 Sturzenbecher     8/28 SeveONTACTrson
March 3/6 Seifert   September 9/4 Burg
  3/13 Hurdle     9/11 Reynolds
  3/20 Rathert     9/18 Wilburn
  3/27 McKinstry / Ristau     9/25 Sturzenbecher
April 4/3 LeFebre   October 10/2 Seifert
  4/10 Severson     10/9 Hurdle
  4/17 Burg     10/16 Rathert
  4/24 Reynolds     10/23 McKinstry / Ristau
May 5/1 Wilburn     10/30 LeFebre
  5/8 Sturzenbecher   November 11/6 Severson
  5/15 Seifert     11/13 Burg
  5/22 Hurdle     11/20 Reynolds
  5/29 Rathert     11/27 Wilburn
June 6/5 McKinstry / Ristau   December 12/4 Sturzenbecher
  6/12 LeFebre     12/11 Seifert
  6/19 Severson     12/18 Hurdle
  6/26 Burg        

2019 Wednesday Meal Teams

2019 Meal Teams

LeFebre / Geidel Severson Burg
Becky & Daren LaFebre Tim & Peggy Severson Kevin & Connie Burg
Ruth Sperlich Pastor Al & Sarah Sutton Dennis & Loretta Eisenbraun
Kim Geidel Sandi Davis Russ & Lori Eisenbraun
Ardela Berg Alan & Heidi Aker Jim & Kathy Roling
Megan Mitzel Joni Rohrbauch      
Darla Senger Maria Kitchens      
Reynolds Wilburn Sturzenbecher
Ruth Reynolds Lois Wilburn Pastor & Vonda Sturzenbecher
Leota & Gordon Quam Dawn & Scott Haskell JoEllen Rolph
Mary & Walt Ricker Bev Johnson Pete & Jenny Eliason
Kellie Hanson Mike & Dana Reiprich Larry & Lillian Halvorson
LaDel Jankord Marjorie Bittner Connie Hedeen
Seifert Hurdle  
Lynn Seifert Tom & LeAnne Hurdle  
Randy & Linda Kramer Becky Eisenbraun  
Mel & Bobbi Geidel Red & Loreeta Pepper  
Doug & Max Hill Wayne & Lori Marks  
Tom & Lou Schroeder Doug & Lori Cookston  
Rathert McKinstry / Ristau  
Connie Rathert Earl & Janell McKinstry  
Ron & Judy Uecker Steve & Dawn Ristau  
Susan West-Guthrie Jay & Ruth Mckinstry  
Becky Portlock Kathy Swan  
  Hank & Jane Lundin (supplies only)  
  David Lundin  

Altar Guild Needs Helpers


Wednesday Meal Teams

We are looking for Wednesday Night Supper teams or people who could help with current teams. Please see Ruth Reynolds.

 September  5 LeFebre/Geidel LeFebre/Geidel Severson
  12 Severson Becky & Daren LaFebre Tim & Peggy Severson
  19 Burg Ruth Sperlich Pastor Al & Sarah Sutton
  26 Reynolds Kim Geidel Sandi Davis
      Ardela Berg Alan & Heidi Aker
October  3 Wilburn Megan Mitzel  Joni Rohrbauch
  10 Sturzenbecher Darla Senger  Maria Kitchens
  17 Seifert    
  24 Hurdle Reynolds Wilburn
  31 Rathert Ruth Reynolds Lois Wilburn
      Leota & Gordon Quam
Dawn & Scott Haskell
November 7 McKinstry / Ristau Mary & Walt Ricker Bev Johnson
  14 LeFebre/Geidel Kellie Hanson Mike & Dana Reiprich
  21 Severson LaDel Jankord Marjorie Bittner
      Seifert Hurdel
December  5 Reynolds Lynn Seifert Tom & LeAnne Hurdel
  12 Wilburn Randy & Linda Kramer Becky Eisenbraun
  19 Sturzenbecher Mel & Bobbi Geidel Red & Loreeta Pepper
  26 McKinstry/Ristau Doug & Max Hill Wayne & Lori Marks
      Tom & Lou Schroeder Lori Cookston
        Tanya Knapp
      McKinstry / Ristau  
      Earl & Janell McKinstry  
      Steve & Dawn Ristau  
      Jay & Ruth McKinstry  
      Kathy Swan  

Quilters and Sewers Wanted!


Yes, we have a quilting group at Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church and we would invite everyone to join us on Wednesdays at 1 p.m

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We are an extension of the LWML (Lutheran Women's Mission League) at our church and our purpose is to make quilts for the Orphan Grain Train, which distributes these quilts overseas to be used as bed coverings, wall dividers, and even possibly floor coverings.  We use donated material and make the quilts nice but not beautiful, as the beautiful ones are confiscated and sold on the black market!

Our other purpose is to make a quilt top for each confirmand every year.  These are nicer quilts and incorporate Christian symbols, a Bible verse for the confirmand, and some personal information.  We display these quilts on confirmation day and for a few Sundays following and then they are put away until the confirmand graduates from high school.  At that time, we finish the quilt and present the quilt to the senior.  We hope that wherever they go after that, the student is covered with a quilt from Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church to remind him of God's love through the Christian symbols and his/her confirmation verse.

You do not have to be a good seamstress or quilter to join us! 

We need people to cut out squares with the help of our tools and even ironers! This is not a serious group by any means, either.  We have a lot of fun and love the idea of creating things whether for a mission quilter for our students! So, come and join us any Wednesday!  Need more information? Talk to Leota Quam, Loretta Rohrbauck, Janell McKinstry, Bev Johnson, Kelly Hanson or Connie Rathert!

Chimers to Begin Ringing!


null  Yep, it’s that time of year---“BACK TO CHIMING!!”

Ten of the 11 ringers will be returning again this year to pick up their chimes on Monday, September 10th at 5:30.

In looking at my notes, the chimes were donated by Pastor Schwan several years ago and we began using them in 2011.

Ringers who have played since the beginning are Leota Quam, Cheryl Brandt, Vonda Sturzenbecher, Diann Dobbs, Judy Uecker, Randy Wombold, and Rick Rathert. Kathy Roling also played then and has since become our permanent sub!! Over the past couple of years, Brenda Price, LeAnne Dyer, and Kathy Swan have joined us. Kayla Thompson played the past few years and opted to drop out this year, her senior year in high school, and we will miss her young enthusiasm!! Madison Dyer will be stepping in and we welcome her youth as well!

Music choices this year will include:
  • “Just As I Am”
  • “We Gather Together”
  • “O Holy Night”
  • “Canon of Grace” and
  • “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”.

As usual, we don’t have a schedule of Sundays we will play, as it all depends on what Sunday all the ringers (and the director) will be here. But, I’m blessed to have these dedicated ringers and we look forward to praising God with our music!

Connie Rathert, Director