null  What time is it for you in the kingdom? What time is it for Divine Shepherd?

Jesus told the story of the vineyard owner who went to town one day 2-3 different times in the morning, and then again at 3 p.m. and even at 5 p.m. to hire workers to pick grapes for him.

They were all paid the same at the end of the day. That seemed to be a problem for some. Not for us! We each get His all no matter how long we have been called to the kingdom.

It’s out of gratitude and love that Divine Shepherd has started a more formal Stewardship program. Our sacrificial gifts represent part of our work to serve God. It is like buying new harvesting machinery. My father-in-law, now gone to be with Jesus, used to talk about using headers, reapers, and threshing by hand. My younger brother-in-law talks about the speed and convenience of harvesting due to today’s high tech combines. Has the new facility done that for us in worship? Education? Evangelism? Fellowship? Community service?

The problem for many today is how long do we have to “work” by continuing to give sacrificially? Such is the plea of weariness that loses sight of first love. Such is the thought that makes our gift into an “I gotta” attitude.

Jesus calls us to His arms, His word, and His grace for refreshment and recommitment. He shows us that while it may seem like noon, it may be 5 p.m. He asks us to be faithful. He dares us to lift up our eyes and see new visions. He invites us to seek the direction he lays out for Divine Shepherd’s ministry.

And we hear the word: “Let us not grow weary in well-doing. Bring to completion that which you began.”

And we can! Because God has been faithful in providing...because we can’t out-give God. It may take longer than we think it should, but we will finish in His vineyard.

And when we finish this part and it is still day, does God have another arbor for us? Do we need more tools? What’s next as we make disciples, love one another, and grow in faith? God will continue to challenge us, but he has also been gracious in his provision for us.  Our response reflects our love for Him, our trust in Him, and our dedication to Him.

Divine Shepherd Stewardship Committee

October 2018